Are you looking for classic insurance Northern Ireland?

If you have a classic car, caravan or motorhome and have searched around for the best policy with the cheapest premiums then you could have found out how hard it is to get competitive quotes. Insurance brokers often do not want to insure anyone who lives in Northern Ireland despite the fact that Northern Ireland sees no more problems not than the rest of the world. The stigma is still attached due to problems in the past when it was common for cars to be stolen and then set alight to be used in burning barricades. While you can search for insurance brokers that offer insurance to residents of NI with a specialist website you can do a great deal of things yourself to help keep the cost of your classic insurance Northern Ireland down.

When looking for classic insurance Northern Ireland you are faced with not only paying out more for insurance with some providers but of course you would generally pay higher premiums simply due to the fact that you are looking for classic insurance. If you own an older model of car, caravan or motorhome then insurance providers will see it as being a bigger risk than one of the newer models.

This risk is due to the age of the vehicle you are trying to insure. As the vehicle will be classed as an older model if it were in an accident and you claimed on the insurance the parts could work out to be expensive if they could be replaced at all.

Usually there are three different types of classic insurance based on the age of your vehicle. For instance your vehicle could be counted as a classic car if it is older than 20 years. If the vehicle was manufactured before 1973 then it would be classed as being “historic” and if manufactured between 1919 and 1930 then it would usually be classed as vintage car.

When looking for insurance for your classic car and the car is particularly valuable then you could make sure that agreed values was included when taking out the insurance. This means that you would have the vehicle valued and this would be the amount that you would get back from the insurance company if you should have to make a claim and the car was written off by the insurance company. If you do not have agreed values then you could lose out on a great deal of money.

Of course there are many other things to consider when looking for classic insurance Northern Ireland. You could want to take out European cover for example if you take your classic car out on the roads and want to travel around Europe. This would ensure you could claim on your policy in the event of an accident. When taking out your classic car insurance you could be offered a certain amount of European cover free but you would have to check in the small print to find out how many days coverage you could get as this could differ with insurance providers.

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