Are you looking for insurance for Northern Ireland? There are ways to make savings

When looking for insurance for Northern Ireland there are ways to make savings on your car insurance. Many years ago residents of NI found that low cost insurance was out of their reach. This was due to the unrest in NI which included the stealing of cars to set alight and use as barricades, now thankfully changed for the better.

One of the things that will affect your insurance quotes is which type of insurance you take out. You could take out third party fire and theft or a fully comprehensive policy. A brand new car of a car over a certain amount would mean you had to take out fully comprehensive. If you have a second hand car then you could take third party which would save you a great deal of money.

The size of the engine of the car would be taken into account when deciding your insurance premiums. The larger the engine and the more powerful the car the more you would have to pay out in insurance. Therefore while you might look good cruising around in a top of the range sports car you would have to pay a great deal more in insurance than if you chose to buy a small engine size family model.

If you offer to pay out more in excess when looking for insurance for Northern Ireland then you could save on your car insurance. The excess is the amount that you have to find out of your own pocket should a claim have to be made on your insurance policy. All providers will include a minimum amount of excess but there is no limit on the amount you can pay over this. However you would have to find this in a lump cash sum if a claim should be made and if you had to make more than one claim in the same year you could lose out on any savings you had made.

How safe your car is seen to be will also have an effect on how much your car insurance would be. Simply buying and installing security devices such as a steering wheel lock or an immobiliser could help you to make savings on your car insurance. Even if you have an older model that does not come with security features and you have to buy them you could still make savings with the premiums that you save.

Another security feature when looking for insurance for Northern Ireland that will be taken into account towards setting the premiums is where you leave your car when unattended. If you park it in a garage under lock and key then it will be harder to steal and there would be less chance of it being damaged by other vehicles or vandalised than if it was by the side of the road. Even if you put your car up on the drive way or under a carport that has security lighting or cameras then you could shave money off the cost of your car insurance.

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