Are you looking for insurance in Northern Ireland?

If you are looking for insurance in Northern Ireland and have searched online for your home, life, car, caravan or any other type of insurance you could have found that after wading through online forms when you reached the end residents of Northern Ireland were exempt. Thankfully times have changed for the better and it is possible to now look online for almost any type of insurance and get access to competitive premiums. You can also find a great deal of information on how to make savings on all types of insurance.

As there are so many different types of insurance making savings would depend on the type you wanted. For instance if you were taking out car or caravan insurance then you would be able to choose between taking out third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive insurance. Third party would be the cheapest type of insurance you could take out but it provides little by way of cover for your own car or caravan other than if it should be stolen or if it were to be destroyed by fire.

It would however provide insurance for any third party that was involved in an accident caused by you and you would have liability insurance. Fully comprehensive insurance is the dearest type of insurance but your car or caravan would have the most complete form of protection along with the third party.

Increase your excess

Many types of insurance come with excess that is added in by the insurance provider. This is the amount that you would have to pay out of your own pocket if you were to have to make a claim on your policy. While there will be a minimum amount that you would need to payout in the event that a claim had to be made you could offer to pay out more in excess than what the provider asks for and this will help to keep down the cost of the insurance. However bear in mind that if you offered to pay £150 in excess then you would have to find this sum of money in a lump sum and if you had to make more than one claim in the same year then you would probably lose out on any savings you made.

If you were looking for insurance for your car, caravan or motorbike then you could do all you can to ensure that your vehicle was as safe as possible. If you were to park your vehicle under lock and key in a garage then you could make savings on the insurance as your vehicle would be harder to steal. You could also install security devices such as steering wheel locks, an immobiliser or a tracking device and all of these could help you to cut down on the cost of insurance Northern Ireland. If getting quotes for home insurance then installing an alarm and door and window locks could help you to make savings. If your home was behind fencing or a locked gate and walled in with security lights around the exterior then these would all go towards helping you to save on the cost of insurance.

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