Asking for a car insurance quote for Northern Ireland

Anyone much above their mid-20s can probably remember the time when asking for a car insurance quote for Northern Ireland often received one of two responses:

  • a sad sigh of resignation;
  • mild amusement!

In the end, it was often typically a case of looking at a very specialist niche of providers and often having to pay comparatively high prices.


OK, today great value car insurance isn’t exactly being handed out free on the street corners but the position has still changed out of all recognition – and it continues to do so.

Finding a suitable car insurance quote for Northern Ireland

The first challenge is, of course, to find a company that will offer insurance in Northern Ireland.

That used to be a moderately tedious process of making lots of phone calls or internet searches but today there are sites that specifically list insurance providers and products available here.

That may be a great aid and time saver.

The second challenge is to start thinking commercially about car insurance.

Insurance companies may typically charge extra if they perceive the risks to be higher.

It’s still the case that typically Northern Ireland premiums are a little higher than those for other parts of the UK but you can take steps to think about how you can get the cost of your quotation down.

You may wish to try:

  • third-party, fire and theft is the legal minimum and it may be worth thinking about if you’re driving an older and very low-value vehicle;
  • parking your vehicle off-road when it’s not in use;
  • fitting additional anti-theft security devices;
  • not insuring youngsters on your policy as drivers.

All these things may help you find a suitable and cost-effective car insurance quote for Northern Ireland.

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