Buying Student Insurances in Northern Ireland

When heading off to university you may take virtually all your worldly possessions with you – some will be useful for study and some will be useful for other reasons. A student will normally have things like laptops, stereo systems and other types of electrical goods with them, and high concentrations of university related residences can often attract thieves. People sharing a house are arguably more at risk, as criminals have been known to target them in the hope of carrying off four or five laptops in one raid. Student insurances Northern Ireland can help cover such goods if they do end up being stolen or damaged due to other reasons.

Commonly called campus is cover, or campus student insurance, policies protect belongings while someone is staying in also or rented a house is on or off campus. Most providers impose a simple and straightforward cap on the amount they will ensure an individual for, so a provider might put a £5,000 limit on what they will pay out. Typically the goods will be protected against things like damage because of fire, theft, water leakage and other common eventualities.

Many companies will provide a service replacing items on ‘new for old’ terms, meaning they will simply supply a payout to buy an equivalent new item. Some insurers also provide what is known as in transit insurance, again up to a certain limit covering someone’s possessions while they are transporting them from one address to another, either from home to their university area, or from one form or rented accommodation to another.

Students frequently travel home during holiday periods, and most policies will still cover them while they are back at home having left their possessions in their place of study.

Student Insurance Northern Ireland policies can usually be a little different to home and contents policies which apply to a normal household. They will not normally protect electrical goods and other items while they are out of an agreed address, IE laptop may not be covered if it is taken out of the halls and is stolen while being used in a cafe, for example.

Some additional extras which may be included as a matter of course or be available for an extra fee include things like rental protection, providing a reimbursed sum of cash if you have paid rent in advance but can no longer stay in the property due to being put completely out of action by illness or accidental injury. Protection can also be bought for a landlord’s property – helping to cover the cost of anything which is broken in rented accommodation which belongs to the home owner

Finally student insurances Northern Ireland will even cover someone on a personal accident basis, while some policies also cover accidental damage to things like cameras, computer equipment, games consoles, TVs and videos which are wrecked while in someone’s room. Protection for mobile phones and bikes are also available against things like accidental damage or theft, meaning a trip into higher education need not mean someone has to constantly worry about possessions being stolen or broken beyond repair.

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