Car Breakdown Recovery Insurance in Northern Ireland

Thanks to the ongoing technological progress of cars, an unexpected breakdown is arguably now less likely than it was around 20 years ago. However, the modern car’s relative reliability can lull us into a false sense of security, with some drivers wrongly believing their car will never conk out and leave them in the middle of nowhere. A car breakdown insurance Northern Ireland policy need not break the bank and can rescue the stranded motorist.

Many breakdown companies can now find a vehicle through GPS tracking and technology allowing them to find someone through a mobile phone signal. This means even someone who has no clue where they are can be located by a mechanic. The expert in question is more likely have Sat Nav and be able to get to you far quicker than they would have done a few years ago.

The motor breakdown cover Northern Ireland market is broad, with no shortage of firms willing to cover drivers in the province. But the options and extras vary from one provider to another, although virtually every company provides a service for every day of the year.

Motor breakdown protection works in a similar way to regular insurance and all involve either a lump sum payment for a year’s worth of cover or a monthly charge, much like a subscription.

Features such as tracking your phone signal will either be as standard with the policy or be an extra. Home start or at home cover is another popular feature, and ensures a specialist will come out to your home if your car will not even start on the driveway or if you find yourself in trouble only a short distance from your front door.

It’s all well and good getting someone out to collect your car if it cannot be fixed by the side of the road, but then what? It is worth checking out whether or not a potential company has an option for a replacement vehicle while yours is in the garage. If it does have such a system in place, for how long can you expect to keep the replacement car?

Some firms will even include an option to pay for overnight stays in hotels or the completion of your journey by public transport. Some will include protection for if you breakdown while on holiday in the EU, while others again only include this as a chargeable extra. Be sure to check the small print as with any insurance policy.

Motor breakdown insurance Northern Ireland policies can therefore help you out when you are in the most unpleasant of jams. Without cover a straightforward breakdown a short distance from home might not seem such a headache, but there is never any predicting when a vehicle will decide to pack up and leave you stranded. It could be in the middle of the day next to a busy road with mobile phone signal coverage, or in the middle of a dark lane on a rainy December night – either way many motorists decide not to take the chance.

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