Car insurance companies in Northern Ireland – your questions

Here are some classic Qs and As on the subject of car insurance companies in Northern Ireland.

Do mainland UK insurance companies operate in Northern Ireland?

Some do, some don’t.

The position is variable for historical reasons.  At one time car insurance here was very difficult to obtain and choice was limited, as you may recall.

Over recent years as the backdrop situation has changed, increasing numbers of providers are offering their products to NI postcodes.

Does shopping around now make more sense?

Typically yes but there needs to be a caveat or two on that.

Although more companies are operating here now, it can still be something of a nuisance trying to spot them amongst those that still do not.

Shopping around at random may consume a fair bit of your time fruitlessly reading details only to discover that the product isn’t available to you because you have a Northern Ireland postcode.

A more effective approach might be to look at those specialist sites containing numbers of car insurance companies in Northern Ireland.  It just might save you a lot of time.

Are premiums here the same as elsewhere?

That’s sometimes a rather controversial question because it is notoriously difficult to be sure that you’re comparing like with like, however, you may find that our premiums are a little higher than in some other areas due to the fact that our car crime statistics (on average) are still typically seen as being higher than on the mainland of the UK.

Can I save money by putting my insurance in someone else’s name?

This is called Fronting and is sometimes encountered in situations where (e.g.) a young driver is trying to obtain cheaper motor insurance cover by taking out a policy in the name of an older and more experienced (thereby typically cheaper to insure) parent.

The younger driver is then named as an occasional driver on the main policy.

This practice is deception and it may constitute an offence. In the event of a claim, insurance companies in Northern Ireland may have ways of checking the reality of the situation and if Fronting is discovered, it may lead to refusal of the claim.

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