Car Insurance in Northern Ireland

Whether you are looking to insure a vehicle for business or pleasure, it is important to get the best deal. However, there are a multitude of companies offering different prices and premiums and it can be confusing to try and work out which one you should go for. A car insurance Northern Ireland policy need not be a hassle, thanks to some simple ways of searching out the best deal. Whether it is by approaching firms through brokers, indirectly, or through comparison websites, some basic detective work can find the best policy which provides the cheapest price and most reasonable amount of protection.

Three distinct levels of car insurance cover are available. Third party cover, usually the cheapest, is a simple level of insurance and is the minimum required by law. It only covers damage sustained to the other driver’s car if an accident occurs which is your fault.

Third party fire and theft is next on the scale and provides protection for any damage which occurs as a result of attempted theft or theft or a fire, plus all the benefits of third party. The most detailed level of cover is comprehensive, and will also protect against accidental damage as well as all the other eventualities protected by the other two types.

If speed is a priority, many companies will insure you virtually immediately following a successful application and payment. All you may have to do is call a sales line or log on to an internet site to have cover in place within minutes. For example, the Post Office is one route to finding a car insurance Northern Ireland policy, and uses a panel of over 30 insurers to get a quote.

Younger drivers can often find it hardest to get a good value policy, and firms like 17to40 specialise in getting cover for the less mature motorist. This is a trading arm of Endsleigh, which will provide cover for a wide range of drivers and offers instant quotations online. is an example of a price comparison website which can provide quotes for N Ireland policies. It can give you a ballpark figure for a massive range of companies in a short space of time after you have filled out some basic details about your requirements.

Firms like Women on Wheels specialise in helping female drivers make sure they do not pay over the odds for the motor insurance. Women on wheels or ‘WOW’ can offer specialist insurance just for women, and can supply online quotes and monthly payment options.

With all these options on the table a motor insurance Northern Ireland policy can be as simple as ordering any other product and the market is similarly competitive to anywhere else in the UK, meaning cover need not be overly expensive.

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