Car insurance Northern Ireland savings online

Finding cheap car insurance in Northern Ireland online used to be impossible. Many car insurance companies would not offer car insurance for those living in Northern Ireland. This was due to the many problems that residents in NI faced which included the stealing of cars for barricades in the past and joyriding which however is seen all over the world. Thankfully there are providers that offer savings to those living in Northern Ireland and so they can enjoy the same competitive quotes as the rest of the country.

There are also many ways that you are able to save on your car insurance Northern Ireland yourself. You could choose to offer to pay out more in excess on your insurance than what the insurance provider asks for.

All insurance companies will state a minimum amount of excess that you would have to pay but by offering to pay more you could make some savings on the premiums. You do have to take into account that if you were to have to claim on the insurance the amount of excess you had chosen to pay would have to be paid as a lump cash sum. If you were also unlucky enough to have to make more than one claim in the same year then you could lose out on any savings you have made by way of premiums.

Another way to cut down on the cost of the premiums is to ensure your car is as secure as possible. Theft is a major concern for insurance companies so if you install added security for your car then you can save on the cost of insurance. You could for example choose to install a car alarm, steering wheel lock or an immobiliser. Any of these would help you to make savings; you could also park the car in a garage under lock and key to make savings as it would be harder to steal.

The type of car insurance you take out would also determine how much you would have to pay for the premiums. The choices for car insurance in Northern Ireland are third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive insurance. If you have an older car or a second hand vehicle then you could consider taking out third party insurance.

However this type of policy would provide very little insurance for your own car except for cover for fire and theft of your vehicle, it would provide the third party with cover if the accident was your fault. This is the cheapest way to take out insurance for your car. Fully comprehensive would need to be taken if your car was over a second hand model over a certain amount or if you had a brand new top of the range model straight from the showroom.

This is the dearest type of insurance but it would provide you with the most cover and provide protection for the other party. With any insurance policy you would have to read the small print as there can be exclusions and limits and these could differ between providers.

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