Car insurance quotes for Northern Ireland: the basics

Quite a few years ago car insurance quotes for Northern Ireland would often have been slightly more expensive than mainland UK prices. However, recently prices are getting a bit more realistic and now that British household names are getting in on the act, drivers in Northern Ireland have a wider range of policies to choose from. The question is: how should you make that selection?

Compare prices

There’s no excuse for not shopping around. If you are looking for car insurance quotes for Northern Ireland online, the process only takes a couple of minutes if you use a car NI car insurance website, so it may be worth investing that amount of time to look for a good deal.

Most providers want to know your personal details, along with some information about the car itself and where it is kept. It’s important to give this information accurately, as even an innocent mistake can lead to the policy being voided on the grounds of false information.

When insurers give their quotes the prices speak for themselves, but don’t forget to look for details of what is included in the cover so that you can be sure that you are comparing like for like. Added extras like breakdown cover, personal belongings insurance and free hire cars can raise the cost of the premium, so decide whether these are essential to you, or whether you would prefer slightly cheaper, more basic cover.

Are there any discounts available?

Car insurance quotes for Northern Ireland can sometimes be reduced by the following factors:

  • no claims discount. If you are a careful driver, make sure that you let insurers know about your no claims bonus. This can reduce the cost of your insurance and potentially make the premium more attractive;
  • keeping your car in the garage. If you have a garage full of junk, empty it and park your car inside! Insurers perceive cars that are kept in garages as less likely to be stolen or damaged, so you could save yourself some money.
  • fitting an immobiliser. Many newer cars have these fitted anyway, but if you have an older car it might be worth fitting one to make the vehicle more difficult to steal.
  • calculating your mileage. If you only use the car for local journeys, take a moment to calculate how far you travel each year. It might not be as far as you think. A lower mileage limit could result in a lower premium;
  • having a higher excess. At first glance it does seem odd to volunteer to have a higher excess. But this may make a difference when you are looking for car insurance quotes for Northern Ireland. Typically a higher excess means a slightly discounted premium.

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