Caravanning insurance in Northern Ireland

Caravanning is a fantastic way to spend your holiday or simply a long weekend but sometimes the insurance implications are not always well understood:

  • if you are towing a caravan, there is a moderately complicated set of requirements and regulations governing the licence needs vis-a-vis things such as the size and the weight of the caravan.  You will need to ensure that you are complying with these in order for your insurance to be effective;
  • your insurance for a towed caravan may come under two headings – the cover required by the law for your caravan when on the road and your own financial cover for your vehicle and its contents;
  • typically, you may be able to ensure that your caravan is covered by the legal minimum of third party liability insurance, when on the road, through your own motor vehicle cover – but you should check this carefully to be sure;
  • by contrast, that insurance might not cover your caravan for fully comprehensive risks nor when it is unhitched and being used as accommodation on a site.  You may need special caravan insurance cover to protect you in such situations;
  • insurance quotes in Northern Ireland might also be available for motorhomes – these are essentially vehicles where the accommodation comprises an integral part of the chassis and typically cannot be detached;
  • in those circumstances, motorhome insurance may cover both on the road and other forms of risk;
  • of course, whether you have a touring caravan or a motorhome, it is advisable to think through your insurance requirements carefully and to pay equally close attention to the exact details of any insurance you are considering purchasing;
  • whether you are talking about motor vehicle or caravan insurance, where the two things are separate, remember to make sure that your cover is valid for use in the Republic of Ireland or on the UK mainland (if you plan to visit either).  Some forms of caravan cover might not be applicable if you are taking your caravan on ferries or outside of Northern Ireland.  Such policies may typically be easily extended but it is worth checking to be sure.

At the risk of stating the obvious, before setting off on a journey with a touring caravan behind you, make sure that you have extensively practiced towing a caravan, cornering and particularly reversing.

These are all slightly different skills to those normally required to drive a car and they are better practiced somewhere quiet than for the first time on a busy road!


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