Cheap car insurance in Northern Ireland

It may seem as if searching for cheap car insurance in Northern Ireland may simply be a question of comparing the headline prices of advertisements, however, it may be a little more subtle than that:


  • it is important to keep in mind that a number of your own particular circumstances may significantly affect the final price of your insurance quotation and what is cheap insurance for another driver may not turn out ultimately to be cheap insurance for you;


  • if, for example, you’re inclined to choose a powerful two-seater sports car for your next vehicle, then resisting the temptation and buying a less ambitious car may result in very significantly lower premiums;


  • cheap car insurance in Northern Ireland may also be hard to find if you have driving convictions – these frighten insurers, with respect to their perceptions of your responsibility and that typically results in higher premiums;


  • statistically, higher mileages may lead to a higher risk of accident, so if you can keep your annual mileage estimates down (but realistic) you may pay less as a result;


  • typically, the more people you have on your policy, the more it may cost you, so keeping it to yourself and a named driver may help keep your costs down;


  • vehicle customisation is a big market and major hobby but sometimes vehicle enhancements may mean that it is no longer compliant with the manufacturer’s specifications and the vehicle’s certificate of type – that may be something to avoid if you wish to find more cost-attractive insurance or invalidating any existing insurance you may have;


  • vehicle theft is typically a major threat everywhere, so any steps you can take to reduce the chances of that happening (garaging your vehicle overnight, fitting additional security devices etc) may result in it being easier for you to find cheap car insurance in Northern Ireland.

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