Cheap car insurance Northern Ireland deals

Cheap car insurance Northern Ireland deals are now entirely possible. Years ago this living in Northern Ireland often found that when applying for car insurance they were turned down simply because of where they live. Times during this period were hard with cars being stolen and then used as barricades after being set alight. Now Northern Ireland suffers no more problems than the rest of us and as such they can get car insurance with competitive premiums.

There are ways that those looking for cheap car insurance Northern Ireland deals can help themselves to save money on the policy. One of the first ways that savings could be made is with the type of insurance. A third party fire and theft policy would work out a great deal cheaper but it would only provide the most basic of cover for the car owner. This type of insurance could work out ideal for those with an older model of car or who are buying a cheap second hand model. If you are buying a top of the range model then of course you will have no alternative but to take out fully comprehensive insurance, but there are ways that you can help to keep the cost down.

One of these is to offer to pay more in excess. The excess is the amount that you have to pay out of your own pocket in the event of a claim being made. You pay so much and then the insurance company takes over the rest of the claim. For instance if you chose an excess of £250 and had to make a claim that totalled £500 you would pay the first £250 and the insurance company would pay the rest. If you pay more in premiums this way you would have to remember the amount you choose would have to be paid in a lump cash sum before the insurance company would pay the rest and if you were unlucky enough to have to make more than a single claim in the same year you might lose out.

If you install good security measures on your car this would lead to you getting the cheapest car insurance deals. While you would have to pay out initially for these measures you could recoup the cost of them in the premium savings you make. A good quality car alarm, steering wheel lock or an immobiliser would all go towards helping you to keep down the cost of the premiums as they would make your car a great deal harder to steal. If you were to keep your car locked up overnight in a garage it would also deter thieves and so helps to keep down the cost of the insurance. It would also mean that the vehicle would not be at risk of damage on the side of the ride which also goes in your favour.

Always compare the terms and conditions of any car insurance Northern Ireland deals to ensure that you know what you can and cannot make a claim for. There could be limitations on the amount that you can claim on your windscreen for example and this could come with extra excess.

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