Dental, Health and Private Medical Insurance Northern Ireland

Thanks to the long waits which are associated with some types of public funded treatment, some people opt to take out a health, dental & medical insurance Northern Ireland policy in case they need treatment in future. The main benefit of private care cover is that it normally guarantees a quicker service and a degree of choice as to where you receive your treatment.

Many large insurance companies which provide cover on the UK mainland are also branching out into Northern Ireland, and there is no shortage of policies to choose from. What type of plan someone needs depends on what they want protection for, and who they want it for. Some policies will even cover an entire family, and the price of a policy normally depends on all sorts of variables like age and medical history.

It is worth mentioning that some people may already have protection as part of their job. Some employers include corporate medical insurance as a perk to employees – cover not only ensures someone has the best chance of staying fit and well, in theory it will also ensure they return to work relatively quickly if they are put out of action.

When applying for cover, health, dental & medical insurance Northern Ireland providers may ask you to fill out a detailed form providing information on your medical history before you are provided with a quote. Occasionally a company may also contact someone’s GP to get more details.

Honesty is the key when applying, as a company will not provide protection in some cases for pre-existing conditions. So if it can later be proved that someone already knew they had some sort of ailment before they took out the policy, an insurer may refuse to pay out for this if a related claim is made in future.

This does not mean someone will be refused cover if they have had a number of medical problems in the past. Although different companies have different attitudes, it may be possible to negotiate a list of exclusions in order to get a level of protection. So, for example, if you have had two serious illnesses in the past which may have prolonged effects, it may be possible to declare these, exclude any related problems from your insurance cover and get a level of protection which is otherwise quite regular.

Most people can expect to have to pay more for their insurance the older they get, and some companies will actually refuse cover to some people who are over a certain age. However, there are ways of saving money as policies become more expensive. Married couples can apply for a health, dental & medical insurance Northern Ireland scheme aimed solely at couples, which will prove cheaper jointly than if two separate polices were bought.

The health, dental & medical insurance Northern Ireland market is also quite complicated when compared to something like car insurance, for example. Some common types of plans include private medical insurance, accident sickness insurance, and critical illness cover. Private medical insurance normally pays for things like consultations and operations, and will include things like private rooms and a choice of where to be treated. Critical illness applies to people who are suddenly diagnosed with serious health problems and often involve a lump sum payout. Accident sickness insurance, however, will provide a slice of someone’s regular income if they are laid up because of accident or illness. It is important therefore that you choose the policy that best meets your needs.

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