Direct insurance Northern Ireland may be hard to find

Direct insurance Northern Ireland may be hard to find as some insurance companies still shy away from providing cover to residents of NI. If you live in Northern Ireland and you have had trouble in the past in obtaining car insurance then you might want to try with a specialist insurance broker who specifically searches for insurance for those residing in NI.

Along with looking for insurance this way there are things that you are able to do before you go searching for cover that affect how much those quotes may work out. One of the first decisions that greatly affect how much you pay for your car insurance is the type of cover. You may choose to take out third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive.

If you have an older model of car, you may want to choose third party fire and theft as this is typically the cheapest way to cover your car. However, it provides little by way of insurance for your vehicle other than if it is stolen or if it is damaged or destroyed as the result of a fire. If your car is a brand new model or costs over a certain amount then you may want to pay more in premiums and have fully comprehensive insurance. This typically provides all the benefits of a third party policy and more for your vehicle.

When considering buying a car you may want to look at how much it costs to insure it before buying it. While it may be tempting to buy one of the flashier imported sports models, you have to consider the cost of spare parts in the event that your car is in an accident. Spare parts for imported cars often cost a great deal more than the ones for a UK model. This of course may be reflected in the cost of your car insurance.

Improving the security of your car before applying for direct insurance Northern Ireland may also help you to keep down the cost of your insurance. An alarm system, wheel clamp, steering wheel lock or a tracking device may all help you to improve the security and help you get competitively priced car insurance.

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