Get the best deal on car insurance NI

Once upon a time finding the best deal on car insurance NI was a nightmare. Many times you found that after filling in long online forms you could not complete the form at the last hurdle due to the fact that you live in Northern Ireland. This was due to the times of unrest where cars were stolen and then set alight and used as barricades. However thankfully times have changed for the better and residents of Northern Ireland can find deals with some online insurance companies and more so if they choose to compare insurance companies offering those living in NI insurance for their cars on the one website. A specialist website is the easiest way to get your car insurance but there are many other ways that you can ensure you save money on the premiums.

All car insurance companies will ask that you pay so much in excess should you need to make a claim on your insurance policy. There will be a minimum amount of excess that you need to pay but you could offer to pay out more. By doing so you would be able to save on the monthly premiums however bear in mind that should you need to make a claim you would need to find the excess out of your own pocket and in a lump sum before the insurance company would take over the rest of the claim. Also spare some thought to the fact that if you should need to make more than one claim in the same year you could lose out on any savings that you had made through the monthly premiums.

One of the main factors that all insurance providers will take into account and particularly when looking for car insurance NI is how secure your car is, this means what the risk is for it being stolen or vandalised whilst parked. However you can buy and install added security for your car. For instance you could buy and install an immobiliser, fit a car alarm or a steering wheel lock and any of these would go towards you being able to keep the cost of the insurance down to the minimum. Where you park your car overnight would also be taken into account towards how much you would have to pay in insurance premiums. If you leave your car by the side of the road there would be more chance of it being stolen, vandalised or damaged by passing vehicles. You could help to bring down the cost of the insurance if you park it overnight in a garage or even by the side of the house on a carport that had security lighting.

When considering the best car insurance NI deals you would have to ensure that you had checked over any policy you were considering taking out. All insurance providers will add in exclusions and limitations. The exclusions are things that you would not be able to claim for and the limitations are the limit the insurance company would pay out for in the event that you should have to make a claim. These can differ substantially between providers so it is always worth comparing for the best deal.

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