Home Business Insurance

You now longer have to face that daily commute to work with the prospect of
train delays and traffic jams. Your working day is now a pleasure, as you
just stroll to your office at home you feel relaxed and are far more
productive. But are you home insurers offering the cover you need?

Undernormal household insurance any equipment used or deemed to be used for
business such as the family computer you use for your accounts or as part of your business activities is not covered. Even if you perhaps do a few hours a week for perhaps piano tuition
again the piano is excluded under regular household cover !

Please not assume, even if your policy mentions business equipment, that such items will be fully covered. Now if you hold goods or stock things start to get more complex. We have heard many incidents of insurers declining cover for those who cook food at home for sale, ranging from just a few cakes a week to party caterers.

Should you ever have clients visit your home most policies be instantly invalidand you open up public liability insurance issues.

Fear not, there are specialist insurance brokers out there who can offer a bespoke policy that fully
understands the varying needs of home based businesses. A Public Liability policy for when you
visit clients or clients visit you is a good idea and do also remember that if you employ any staff, even if they are family or just casuals, by law you must carry employers liability

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