Home Insurance in Northern Ireland

Protecting a home is most families’ primary concern, and an effective home and contents insurance policy can provide peace of mind that property will be replaced in the event of a break in or disaster like a fire. You can find a good value home insurance Northern Ireland policy thanks to a competitive and growing market.

It can help to shop around a wide number of providers to get a better home insurance Northern Ireland deal, and doing it online can often be the easiest option. It can also be cheaper to avoid any home insurance policies which are offered by the likes of your bank or building society, or even your mobile phone provider without first doing a little homework first and seeing what other deals are available.

Getting a policy is important because without one a family could end up with nothing if their home was to be wrecked by the likes of a fire or flood. Home insurance Northern Ireland policies normally come in two guises – buildings insurance and contents insurance. Buildings insurance will protect the actual bricks and mortar of the property, ie should it be partially destroyed by fire. Contents insurance does exactly what it says on the tin in that it protects against the damage and theft of the everyday bits and pieces we have in our homes.

Someone who is renting may not want buildings insurance, but will still need a contents insurance policy to protect against things like fire, theft and damage to their goods.

Mortgage providers may offer you a buildings insurance policy at the time you take out a home loan, but it may make sense to turn this down and to look elsewhere for different quotes. Besides the general structure of the building, buildings insurance will also protect what is known as fixtures and fittings such as kitchen cabinets and bathroom fitments.

Contents insurance protects general belongings, and a typical definition is whatever someone would take with them if they were to move. Typically on the list are books and CDs, electrical appliances, jewellery, cash up to a certain limit, pieces of moveable furniture, computer goods, cutlery and kitchen items, and clothes.

If you are worried about paying too much for a policy, some simple improvements in security, like fitting a burglar alarm, upgrading your door and window locks, and fitting exterior security lights can all help bring down the cost of your insurance with your provider. If the value of what you keep in your home decreases, for example if you pass on a very valuable piece of jewellery to a family member, contact your insurer and tell them – they may be able to reduce your cover as a result.

Home insurance Northern Ireland policies can therefore be quite reasonable and are not beyond the control of the homeowner. Making a few simple adjustments to your security or belongings can make sure costs are kept to a minimum. There is no shortage of providers willing to offer this cover in the province, meaning quotes can be competitive.

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