How to make money from a minibus

With the economy in the shape it is, everyone is constantly searching for new ways to make money on the side, when they are not working their regular jobs. A good way of making money is if you happen to own a minibus, or if you’re thinking of buying one.

If you own a minibus, you’ll find that it can be used in a diverse range of situations to make you money. Of course, you’ll need to investigate minibus insurance before you start on any of these business ventures. This article seeks to illuminate some of the ways in which you can make money from this vehicle.

Start a moving business

All you need to start a moving business is a minibus. That’s all it takes! Well, you’ll have to do some online advertising, and maybe set up a website, but you can do that very easily and for little money. Once you’ve done a few moves, the advertising should take care of itself through word of mouth.

Before you start, make sure you’ve got some private hire insurance, just in case of accidents. You’ll also want to make sure that you’ve worked out a bit beforehand so that lifting the heavy stuff isn’t going to be too backbreaking. Do some research into safe carrying practices as well.

Start carpooling

Carpooling has been a popular measure that people often take against rising fuel prices and bad economic conditions. It makes far more sense to carpool than for everyone to spend extra money by driving individually to work or school.

If you live in a neighbourhood populated by families with children, go around knocking and find out what everyone’s transport needs are in the mornings. Parents will be thrilled to have an alternative to driving their kids to school, as they need to go to work in the mornings. It’ll save them time and money.

Alternatively, if you live in a neighbourhood where most of the residents work for the same company or corporation, the principle is the same: go to the company and offer your services as a shuttle van.

Other methods of making money

While you’re carpooling, you can also make extra cash by offering your minibus to others for advertising. By selling advertising space on the minibus, you can make cash for doing essentially nothing. Don’t underestimate the amount of money you stand to make through advertising; a lot of companies pay a lot of money for it.

Apart from advertising, you can also perform deliveries for individuals, like the elderly, as well as for companies, such as greengrocers for example.

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