Insurance companies in Ireland can now offer residents competitively priced insurance deals

Have you tried to find insurance in Northern Ireland, in particular car insurance, and been turned down simply because of where you live? This is often a common problem for residents of Northern Ireland due to the past events in Northern Ireland. Until recently, cars were sometimes used as barricades after being stolen and set alight. Now thankfully times have changed, however some insurance providers have not. When looking for insurance companies in Ireland that offer residents good insurance deals you may want to look online with a specialist website and allow them to find you some competitively priced deals.

Whether you are looking for car, motorbike, caravan or home insurance there are certain things you may want to take into account to help keep down the cost of the insurance. Here are just two of those ways.

Excess – You always have to find a certain amount of excess out of your own pocket in the event that you need to put in a claim on your insurance. This money is taken from the total amount you are claiming and the insurance company then takes over the rest. While there is a minimum amount of excess you have to pay, you may offer to pay more to help to keep down the cost of the premiums. This is known as a voluntary excess.

However bear in mind that you need to find the amount of excess chosen as a cash lump sum, so do not go overboard. Also, bear in mind that if you were to have to claim more than once in the same year you may lose any savings you may have made in insurance premiums.

By opting to pay a voluntary excess, you may see a slight decrease in the cost of your cover.

Security – Security is taken into account when obtaining quotes with insurance companies in Ireland, when you apply for such as home, car, motorbike or caravan insurance. The more security conscious you are then, in some cases, more savings you may be able to make on your insurance premiums. You may want to consider installing an alarm on your home, put in security lighting and install window and door locks. You may want to install an immobiliser, a tracking device or a steering wheel lock on your car to help to keep down the insurance premiums.

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