Motorbike Insurance in Northern Ireland

As with all types of insurance, motorbike insurance varies in value from one provider to another, but is essential for anyone who wants to ride a motorcycle on public roads, as is car insurance for anyone who wants to drive a vehicle in public. There are many motorbike insurance Northern Ireland policies, and getting the right deal can take a little time and effort, although getting cover is not the headache it once was.

Although security in the province is no longer such a concern, Northern Ireland’s past means that vehicle insurance policies have a history of being overly expensive. Many insurers put up their prices in the past not just because of the proliferation of car bombs and attacks, but because criminal gangs often stole motorbikes and cars in particular, with some ending up as burning barricades.

Although such situations are now very much in the past, the cost of cover has remained relatively high and has only recently started to come down to reasonable levels. Some larger companies have entered the market, driving down prices, but some insurers based on the UK mainland are still yet to make their move into Northern Ireland.

When it comes to a motorbike insurance Northern Ireland policy, a rider must first decide what level of cover they are after. Third party only is the minimum legal requirement, and will only pay out if another vehicle is damaged in an accident that was your responsibility.

Third party fire and theft covers the same thing, but will protect your set of wheels if it is damaged in the theft or attempted theft, or if it is wrecked due to fire. Fully comprehensive is the most detailed level of insurance and protects the motorcycle in just about any circumstance you can imagine, including theft and general damage that does not involve another vehicle.

Younger riders can expect to pay more than older riders, just as younger drivers of cars normally have to fork out more than older motorists. Thankfully, some of the same simple rules apply to bike insurance that apply to reducing car insurance. You can normally expect to pay less if you keep your bike not on the street but on a driveway or in a garage. If you have the option to do this, make sure you take it and tell your insurer.

You can also increase the voluntary excess, which is the amount you will have to fork out initially before an insurer starts to payout. Some motorbike insurance Northern Ireland providers will also reduce the cost of your cover if you’re able to cut down on the number of miles you travel each year.

Unsurprisingly, policies which protect riders who are couriers or delivery drivers will be more expensive, just as with policies which apply in the UK mainland. However, motorcycle insurance Northern Ireland policies need not break the bank unnecessarily and shopping around can still secure a good deal for a rider. Following some of the same common tactics used to reduce car insurance can also apply to two wheels, so be sure to consider carefully your mileage and security arrangements as potential ways to reduce your regular premium.

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