Motorome and Caravan Insurance in Northern Ireland

Although some people might see it as a sideline, caravan or motorhome insurance is just as important as insuring your car, and need not be any more complicated thanks to a wide variety of specialist providers. A caravan or motorhome insurance Northern Ireland policy can be tailored to a family’s needs, and many insurers will provide some interesting extra cover options which could help out in a crisis.

Whether you are just looking to tour Ireland, head to the mainland, or go further afield, a caravan or motorhome rank among the best methods of exploring in comfort. Of course, you are taking your accommodation with you and there is no need to look for a hotel and have to rely on someone else for the quality and convenience of where you stay.

But breakdowns and damage can wreck a caravan holiday, and can become even more troublesome if it is difficult to sort them out quickly. The right insurance policy will protect you wherever you go, and will help you to get back on the road again in the event of an accident or breakdown.

You will normally be able to choose from different levels of cover as with car insurance, and will be asked whether or not you want protection for things like fire and theft. As with cars, fully comprehensive is the highest level of cover and is advisable unless you have a very low value vehicle.

Some companies will include protection for travelling abroad automatically, whereas others will only do it for an additional fee. This is something to look out for initially when you are applying for a policy. If the policy does have cover for travelling abroad to Europe or further afield, you should also look at how many trips are included in this – there may be a limit to of how many times you can take it abroad in a year before the cover becomes invalid.

It is also advisable to check out how long a company classes as a trip, with some saying 90 days is the longest you can be away in one single period while enjoying full protection.

A motorhome or caravan insurance Northern Ireland policy may also allow you to lend the caravan or motorhome to friends and family, who will still enjoy cover.

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