Pet Insurance in Northern Ireland

While few people see their pets as a financial burden, they can sometimes run up large vet bills and can also cause damage or have accidents which may leave someone out of pocket. An animal’s health is typically very important to its owner, and a pet insurance Northern Ireland policy may help to ensure someone is always able to pay any medical costs associated with their pet.

Typically, cover will provide protection for eventualities like a pet having an accident, falling ill, and will even pay out costs of advertising rewards if an animal is lost or stolen.

Policies differ from one insurer to the next, but a typical pet insurance in Northern Ireland policy will protect against vet fees up to certain limits, and provide a payout in the event of the pet’s death.

Sometimes animals fall ill just as you are about to go on holiday, and you may need to cancel a trip. Many policies will also provide cover for this, supplying compensation if you need to call off a holiday at short notice because of your animal.

Likewise, a trip to the vets can be expensive, although this is partly due to advances in pet medicine and the standard of care at the UK’s veterinary surgeries. Usually a pet insurance policy will have a limit on the amount someone can claim for medical treatment for their pet. Normally someone will need to pay the vet bills themselves, and then need to fill out a form to apply for reimbursement from their insurer.

It is important to note that companies will sometimes not pay out for pre-existing medical conditions, meaning a pet may not be covered for something which was diagnosed by a vet to before the policy was bought. When it comes to medical care, it will often be cheaper to insure a younger animal than an older one which is more likely to need medical attention.

Many pet insurance companies will also not pay for what is known as preventative care, meaning things like flea treatment and vaccinations.

With all these varying options, it can be confusing to work out what is the best value quote from a number of different providers. But it is important to consider what each one is offering, as the cheapest policy will not necessarily be the best.

Domestic pets suffer a number of common problems which will see them need a trip to the vets. At the least a pet insurance policy will need to cover these basic ailments which include cuts and lacerations, treatment needed after a road traffic accident, growths and abscesses, bites, treatment for something they have swallowed which they shouldn’t have, gastro enteritis, and ear infections.

Provided a pet insurance Northern Ireland policy covers all these incidents, the basic protection would be in place and it is then a case of looking at some of the little extras you may or may not want, like paying for newspaper advertising if your pet is lost, and the amount of pay out you would get in the event of your holiday having to be cancelled because of an illness.

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