In search of car insurance for Northern Ireland?

Why do motorists in Northern Ireland end up paying more for their car insurance than practically anyone else in the United Kingdom? It’s likely to be a source of some annoyance, of course, to those who find themselves having to fork out more for this essential cost of motoring, yet the product itself is basically no different to the one covering drivers anywhere else in the country. After years in the gloom, however, car insurance for Northern Ireland is beginning to see some new light of day.

The “dark” side

It was “the troubles”, of course, that were largely to blame for the car insurance blight – or, rather, the dearth of insurers prepared to take on the particular risks and perils that faced anyone who owned a car in the province. At the height of those turbulent years, it was the ordinary man’s motor car that ended up ablaze, as it was caught up at the wrong time in the wrong place between opposing factions, or seized upon as the most readily available barricade. If it hadn’t been set on fire in this way, chances were statistically more likely than anywhere else in the country that it might be stolen for an equally perilous “joy-riding” spree.

A new dawn

Things have moved on, however, and the worst of the troubles are slipping into history as almost every aspect of life enjoys a new dawn in the reviving fortunes of the province. Not before time, that new dawn is also beginning to make its mark on car insurance for Northern Ireland. With peace and stability has come a keener interest by a wide range of insurance companies in the motorists of the province. Keener competition amongst such providers is gradually forcing the price of premiums down. Although these still tend to be steeper than the prices quoted for those living in the mainland UK, the cost is at last moving in the right direction for Northern Ireland’s motorists.

Quotes for car insurance for Northern Ireland residents

There are many factors taken into account by insurance providers when you are applying for quotes for car insurance for Northern Ireland residents. Insurance providers may consider your age, whether you are male or female, the size and type of car you drive, security of your car and even where you park your car. As a result, you may want to consider these factors and take action to reduce the cost of your car insurance wherever possible.

Install security devices – the security of your car is a major concern for the insurance provider as if your car is stolen you make a claim on the policy. Therefore, you may want to look into ways of improving the security of your car. You may for instance install a good quality alarm system; fit a tracking device or an immobiliser on the car. Any of these devices may help you to keep down the cost of the insurance quotes for your vehicle insurance.

Put your car in a garage – if you park your car in a garage then it may be safer than if you had left the car by the side of the road. If you leave your car on the road, it is vulnerable to damage from passing vehicles, vandals and thieves.

Pay more in excess – there is always a certain amount of excess that has to be paid out of your own pocket if a claim is made on the insurance policy. Providers always insist on a minimum amount but you may offer to pay whatever you want over this amount, which may help to lower the cost of the premiums.
Fully comprehensive or third party – fully comprehensive insurance provides the most protection for your vehicle but it is the most expensive way of taking out car insurance for Northern Ireland residents. If you have an older car, or you are considering buying a second hand vehicle, you may want to consider taking out third party fire and theft insurance as this usually comes with lower premiums.