Van Insurance in Northern Ireland

Insuring a light commercial vehicle has become more complex in recent years thanks to a greater range of high specification vans available on the market. Vans also vary in size from the very small to the very large, and someone’s individual policy may depend on what they regularly carry in their vehicle and the nature of their business. However, a van insurance Northern Ireland policy can be tailored to someone’s needs and need not be overly expensive.

As with more traditional types of insurance, there are the usual three levels of cover. In order to drive a vehicle on a public road you must have a form of insurance for the vehicle in place, and vans are no different. The lowest level of cover legally permitted is third party only.

This is a type of cover often applied only to vehicles of a very low value and will kick in and protect someone if only if a payout is needed for damage caused to someone else’s vehicle in an accident that was your fault. It will not pay for any damage caused to your vehicle.

Third party fire and theft is the next level up and protects against the same eventualities described above but also if the vehicle is damaged in the event of fire, theft or attempted theft.

Finally fully comprehensive covers just about any eventuality you can imagine, including damage due to flooding, and will also pay for any damage to your vehicle in a crash, even if it is your fault.

As a commercial vehicle driver you may rely on your van for your business, and therefore it is important to have adequate protection in place. A driver may also carry equipment and tools vital to their business in the back of their vehicle, and it will be necessary to get protection for this too. A normal vehicle insurance policy would not always cover for the theft of some of the things that a van driver may carry, like expensive laptops and specialized building equipment.

It is important to tell your insurer exactly what you normally have in the back of your van for the purposes of your business and to ask them whether or not these will be covered for theft and damage by the policy. Some van insurance in Northern Ireland policies also allow you to carry things which you need for business purposes, but do not cover you for anything you are delivering elsewhere.

Other possible extras for a van insurance Northern Ireland policy may include breakdown cover, as being out of action at the side of the road may lose a person money.

The van insurance Northern Ireland market is fairly competitive, and protecting your commercial vehicle may not be as expensive as you first thought. Remember to shop around for quotes from a number of different providers and do not simply take the first quote offered to you.