Taxi and Minibus Insurance in Northern Ireland

Although you can still expect to pay more than on the UK mainland, a taxi and minibus insurance Northern Ireland policy is available from a variety of different insurance companies, with some offering useful extras for those operating fleets of vehicles. The right cover is not only a legal requirement, but arguably a business necessity for any company looking to make a profit running vehicles for hire.

Some firms specialise in taxi and minibus insurance, and will have products which cater for Northern Ireland-based customers. Many will contact a panel of different insurers in order to get the right quote for you.

As with regular car insurance, there will be the usual cover options offered by most firms. These are fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft, or third party only. You may have a clear idea of what you need, or be unsure what level will be right for you. A broker or specialist firm will be able to give you an overview of the options which might suit you.

Traditional public hire taxi companies will require slightly different policies to private hire firms, which operate the likes of chauffeur driven cars. Depending on the type of policy you buy, you can state the number of people as named drivers on a policy. This ranges typically from single policies for a single driver taxi firm, to a number of named drivers up to eight people, or what is called a fleet policy, where any driver with a licence is covered if they drive the vehicle.

Minibus and Taxi Insurance Northern Ireland customers can also choose to pay either in one lump sum for a year, or take up the option offered by some firms which allow you to pay by monthly instalments.

Taxi and minibus insurance often comes with some handy extras, with some firms offering windscreen and glass cover which allows someone to claim quickly and effectively to get breakages repaired without the loss of a no claims bonus. Others will even offer replacement taxis for certain claims, typically those which do not involve a fault.

A few firms will also include legal liability insurance, either added in to the policy or as an extra for a fee. This is a type of cover useful to firms which serve the public and directly have contact with them.

The taxi and minibus insurance Northern Ireland market is therefore able to cater for requirements big and small, and getting a variety of quotes from different sources is often the best route to getting a good value policy.

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