Tips for Cheap Motor Insurance Northern Ireland

Here are some great tips for cheap motor insurance Northern Ireland so anyone can save money when looking into taking out a policy. Residents of Northern Ireland have long suffered from high premiums for their insurance mainly due to the unrest in Northern Ireland. Many years ago this was due to cars being stolen on what was seemed to be an almost daily basis for them to be used as burning barricades. However thankfully there have been many changes in Northern Ireland which now means residents can now enjoy savings not available before.
There are many ways that you as a car owner can help yourself to make savings. One of them begins even before you buy your car. You have to take into account that if you choose to buy a brand new car off the forecourt you would have to take out fully comprehensive insurance. However a cheaper second hand model would allow you take out third party fire and theft cover.
Third party fire and theft is a form of cheap motor insurance Northern Ireland that would provide protection for you against fire and theft along with providing insurance for the third party (a minimum legal requirement). Fully comprehensive car insurance is the most expensive form of insurance protection but it provides the best possible cover for your own car and third parties too.
One of the best tips for cheap motor insurance Northern Ireland is to offer to payout more in excess than what the insurance company is asking for. All insurance providers will include an amount of excess in their policy and this would be the least amount you could pay. By offering to payout more in excess you can keep the cost of the insurance premiums down. The excess is the amount of money that you would have to find out of your own pocket if you were to have to claim on the insurance policy. However when deciding how much excess you want you would have to bear in mind that it would have to be paid  in a lump sum. Should you need to put in more than one claim in anyone year you could of course lose out.
Another way to shave something off the cost and ensure that you get cheap motor insurance in Northern Ireland is to install security devices on your vehicle. You would of course have to payout in the first instance for these devices and it is worth paying out for good quality ones. An immobiliser, a tracking device or a even a steering wheel lock can all go towards ensuring that your vehicle is safe. This means that it is seen as being harder to steal and so you can keep down the cost of the premiums. Parking your car in a garage that is under lock and key will also make your car harder to steal and again can help you to keep down the cost of the insurance premiums. Also taking an advanced driving course can prove your safety record which would also go towards you making savings on your policy with some insurers.

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