Travel Insurance in Northern Ireland

The travel insurance Northern Ireland market is fairly broad and people can get a policy from just about anywhere, from travel agents themselves to post offices, supermarkets and Internet sites. Cover is not normally expensive, but providers differ wildly in the levels of cover they offer for the relatively modest fees. The basic job of travel insurance is to make sure you are covered for the costs of any medical treatment which might be incurred if someone injures themselves or becomes unwell while on holiday.

Typically, a policy will also include protection for things like lost and stolen possessions, cancellation of the trip, and there may also be some sort of personal liability cover thrown in. An insurance policy should be used in conjunction with what is known as the European Health Insurance Card, which can be applied for free of charge from This is something all UK residents who intend to travel abroad are entitled to, and it will help someone claim free or reduced price medical treatment in European countries.

Something most people assume is included in a travel insurance Northern Ireland policy is protection for lost luggage, an event which can wreck a holiday in the worst circumstances. However, a single trip policy may not always include this, and it is worth checking the small print.

If you’re intending to do any sport on holiday it is also important to make sure you have the right sort of protection. Skiing in particular normally needs specialist cover, and an off the shelf, extremely cheap, policy will not normally cover taking to the piste, bungee jumping, abseiling or any form of extreme sport.

Although the bill at the end of it may not be what is immediately going through your mind after a serious accident, if you do not have cover you may end up having to pay for incidents which require you to be airlifted, for example, which can run into hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds in the long run.

Some companies offer what is known as multi trip insurance, which will provide protection for a number of overseas journeys in 12 months. The main benefit of this is that it saves time and hassle ahead of leaving on holiday, and it will often be divided into Europe wide cover or Europe and the rest of the world cover. Anything which includes cover for the rest of the world will normally be slightly more expensive.

A travel insurance Northern Ireland policy can also include cover for the cost of repatriating someone home after they have died, a sobering thought but one worth considering, as transportation will also run up a large bill which can be a source of added stress and heartache if it is not dealt with by an insurance company.

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