Women Drivers Insurance in Northern Ireland

Although the days of overpriced motor cover in Northern Ireland are coming to an end, there is still a way to go before the typical premium matches that available on the UK mainland. While women drivers insurance Northern Ireland policies can be cheaper than those of their male counterparts be it in the province or in England, there are still ways to shop around and find an even better available deal.

It is first important to decide what level of cover you need. There are three common levels of protection offered by virtually every car insurance company. Third party cover is the lowest level of protection allowed by law and will pay out only in the event of damage to a car belonging to someone else if the accident was your fault. Although this is very much a stripped down form of protection, it is often used by people whose cars are of a very low value.

For example, someone who drives a first car which is very old and is only worth a few hundred pounds might consider this type of cover and save themselves a lot of money in the process.

There’s also third party fire and theft which does the same as third party but provides protection should the car be damaged in the theft or attempted theft, or be wrecked by fire.

Finally fully comprehensive car insurance protects for all of these things, plus a few extras like damage due to flooding and can often also have a breakdown and recovery service attached or some other benefit such as free legal cover.

Some firms actually specialise in offering deals for women drivers and will scour a selection of insurers in order to find the best value policy for a female driver.

Some big name insurers have also joined the market in recent years, having not operated in Northern Ireland during political unrest. Some supermarket and phone-based names are throwing their services into the ring, and other large insurers are expected to follow suit in the future and further expand the market.

When it comes to applying for women’s car insurance Northern Ireland policies, it can also help to know a bit about what can keep your premium down. For example, where you live may affect the cost of your insurance, with motorists based in Ulster historically paying more for insurance. If you take out a policy and then happen to move, it is important to inform your car insurance provider, particularly as your premium may actually fall as a result.

Where you keep your car is also important, and if you have the opportunity to regularly park it on a drive or in the garage as opposed to the street, do so, and inform your insurance company.

Although there are still concerns over disparities between male and female policies, and between premiums on the mainland and in the province, female drivers can still end up with a women drivers insurance in Northern Ireland policy which is affordable and practical. The market is still expanding, and this means it is likely to improve further in future.

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