Young Drivers Car Insurance in Northern Ireland

Getting hold of a car insurance policy when you are young is often a frustrating business. If you live in Northern Ireland it can be an even more expensive proposition, thanks to some trends of high prices in the province following the troubles. But a young drivers insurance Northern Ireland policy is still affordable and obtainable from the right companies. Using different methods of getting quotes can help someone secure a reasonable deal in a market which is continuing to expand and offer discounts.

Some companies will actually specialise in offering younger motorists policies. Quotes are available almost immediately and drivers can pay monthly. It is also possible to keep costs down by selecting a lower level of cover. The young person who drives a very old car, perhaps not worth much, and perhaps their first ever car, may not want as much protection as someone driving a new and expensive vehicle.

The lowest legal level of insurance is known as third party cover only. This only provides cover for damage to another person’s vehicle in an accident which was your fault. It will not cover any damage to your vehicle which occurs in a crash. This type of policy may be useful for people who drive a car of a very low value.

Improving security is another way of getting your car insurance down, and some insurers may offer discounts to people who use high specification steering locks. Consider fitting a decent alarm system too. An immobiliser may also help bring down the cost of your policy.

Another way to get a low cost young drivers insurance in Northern Ireland is to think about where you regularly keep your car. An insurer will ask you where a car is normally parked overnight or during the day. Vehicles which are constantly parked in the road often incur a higher premium, so if possible use a driveway or put your car in a garage and tell your insurer.

Car insurance policies also involve excesses, which is an initial cost towards repairs you agree to pay before the insurer starts to pay out. Increasing this may help to bring down the cost of your policy further. So, for example, if you have a £150 excess and think you would be able to cover more in the event of an accident, contact your insurer and ask to raise this perhaps to £300 or more, depending on what you think you would be able to afford.

Although statistically Northern Ireland’s drivers normally have to pay more for their car insurance than those living on the mainland, a young drivers car insurance Northern Ireland policy can be kept as low as possible by shopping around for the right deal and adopting a few simple tips.

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